Sunday, 22 December 2013

Hogwarts Experience

My visit to the Harry Potter studio tour!

About a month ago, I finally got to go to the Warner bros. studio to see the amazingness that is the world of Harry Potter! It truly was the best experience of my life and I just had to share it with you. To anyone out there who loves Harry Potter but still hasn't been - although I doubt there's many of you left - it is honestly worth every penny and you should book your tickets RIGHT NOW!!!
As we entered the studios, we were greeted by the most spectacular Christmas display ever! A huge Christmas tree towered almost up to the ceiling and it was sprinkled with fake snow! Although I was only standing in the entrance, I could already feel the magical atmosphere and it truly felt like I was at home!
For me, the experience began as soon as we joined the waiting line! Whilst waiting in the queue we were able to get touching distance from "the cupboard under the stairs" which was really awesome!
When the tour officially began, we were taken to the cinema room where we were told about  Daniel, Rupert and Emma's first year of filming. When the clip finished, the projector screen lifted up to reveal the entrance to the Great Hall. This was such an epic moment as at that very second, my brain finally registered I was here, I was finally at Hogwarts!!!
One thing that I absolutely loved about the tour was that the props and decorations were placed literally everywhere! I personally loved this because it meant that you had to look everywhere, in order to not miss out on anything. This Mandrake was on the floor, under a bench; most people walked straight past it!

Being this close to Ollivanders was really awesome and I was surprised at how realistic Diagon Alley was. The lighting was a little dark so I apologise for the blue photos.
These were a little too realistic for my liking!
 The beautiful Thestrals!

At this point, I felt so honoured to have been able to go to the studio tour! I got pictures of Privet drive, the wooden bridge, the car and motorbike, as well as Bathilda's house!
Although only a small part of the tour, these paper models were amazing! I was particularly amused by the fact that owls were stuck in each cage for Eeylops Owl Emporium!

Last but not least, the breath taking Hogwarts model! I was half expecting to see shrunken down versions of the characters just walking about the place; it was truly amazing!

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