Sunday, 5 February 2017

Don't Be a Hermit Crab

We have in us, the ability to overcome any obstacle. The only thing stopping us is our own minds. 

We create artificial problems through fear of failing. It's our brain's natural instinct to protect us from the unknown and the possible dangers that come with it. In reality, new experiences make us more-rounded human beings and allow us to grow. Don't get me wrong, acting on big ideas is never going to be easy. Things won't always go to plan and sometimes you'll have to find an alternative route. In most cases, however, taking the plunge into something new is not going to kill us! Its important to remember this when your laying in bed at 3am and your mind is telling you that 'you're not good enough'.

Why not you? Why are you reading about other people's adventures, but denying the prospect of yourself doing the same? Nothing is unrealistic, don't limit what you could achieve. If there is something that you want in life, be motivated, work hard and keep that passion going. People will be sceptical about you thinking outside the box, breaking the mould. You have to prove them wrong!

Your brain is very powerful; use it to your advantage. Turn negative thoughts into positive and deny any other outcome but for you to be successful. The future we live, is often what we imagined in the past. If we lose our belief and never try, things won't change. You will still be that shy person, you will still be working that job you hate and you'll still have a very long bucket list to check off!

What ever it is that makes you feel alive, embrace it! Don't be a hermit crab and hide away from the world in your comfort shell!  We all have the power to do amazing things, we just have to try.

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